Vine Is Dead - Long Live Creative Comedy

Twitter announced that it was laying off employees with hopes to increase profit. The flip side of that, was that those employees were the workers of the popular 6 second video sharing app we grew to love and leave called Vine.

I say leave because, It’s a safe bet that you haven’t been on there as much lately given Twitter tough love decision to cut it loose.

Vine showed us a world where 6 seconds is all we needed to laugh, cry or think profoundly about the confines of gravity.

I think it’s safe to say that the state of comedy and internet virality was forever changed because of this platform because of really, really talentedfolks such as @lelepons @kingbach @loganpaul @thomassanders@shawnmendes @ustheduo Zach King > @finalcutking @brandonbowen@rudymancuso @davidlopez @marcusjohns There are seriously a whole boat ton more but those guys are my favs.

My main takeaway from Vine for you guys today is simple:

Join social platforms as early as you can.

Use them, learn them, bend them & break them. You just never know when another Vine, Twitter or Youtube is around the corner.

The characters listed above have gone on to build very successful careers off of a few funny videos, and a whole lotta talent. Are you talented? We’ll see, but you gotta at least to the initial leg work of signing up.

To wrap up this post, here are some of the best Vines of all time.