My Top 5 Goals for 2017


We recently did a little goal setting session at Ramsey, and one of the things we talked about that I have not yet heard in terms of goal setting, was the importance of having your WHY to better help understand the WHAT in your goals.  

If you are familiar with Simon Sinek, he talks a lot about knowing the "why" before the "how" and "what" come along. So in light of that conversation I want to tell you my "why" so that you understand my "how" and "what".


I, Zach Ford, want to be a helper and an influencer in the lives of others to encourage them to connect, build relationships and live out their true calling in life.


I am going to lean into this mission by growing my knowledge in Design, Social Media, Videography, Photography, Writing, Music creation, Music production and Teaching. 

THE WHAT (Top 5 goals)

1. Keep up the momentum of 2016 by releasing an iOS & Android App of entersquare.
I know that as entersquare continues to grow as a web app, having a mobile app will only increase the experience for our users. PUMPED.

2. Grow in Teaching/Camera knowledge by Uploading 50 Vlogs.
I have been Vlogging for 6 weeks now, they've varied from daily recap videos to quick tutorials to stories. This has been on my to do list for years and I feel dumb that I am just starting it, but you have to start some where right?

3. Create an additional $50,000 in revenue this year.
That's it. you heard it right. Fifty. Freaking. Thousand. One of the ways that I am wanting to do this is by earning $20,000 from resold goods on eBay, Craigslist & various other resale apps (more on this later). The remaining $30,000 would be from freelance design and development, and few bucks from entersquare (Lord willing). 

4. Become a better designer by designing and coding 10 fun projects this year.
After building entersquare from design to dev, I get really excited about taking on new projects like that. I would love to be able to release just 10 of the swirling web app ideas in my noggin. Here is to making it happen (insert glass toast, cheers thing sound effect here).

5. Take my wonderful wife out on a minimum of 24 Dates.
Hey all parents of babies, y'all know, the struggle is real. We are lucky to even get to eat at the same time, much less in a restaurant, with nice clothes on. 

I wrote out a list of about 20 more specific goals I want to see come to fruition this year.
But the ones listed more than suffice to make this a successful year.