January & February 2017 Flip Challenge Recap

Hello all,

You may or may not know that I challenged myself to make $20,170 dollars along with a few fine folks in Gary Vaynerchuk's community from flipping old things found in my own possession or really anywhere I can find them (Ebay, Thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets, Craigslist, Let Go, Varagesale, Offerup, the list goes on..) - The whole idea is that in the time I would usually be watching Netflix, I'm putting stuff on eBay, hitting up yard-sales, then in turn using that money to save for things I care about. All the while I would have just been on my duff.

I wanted to do a quick profit/flip recap for you all (and my self). Here's the breakdown:

Apple Watch: paid $50 upfront, sold watch for $140, 1 band for $10 and whole bunch more bands for $30. Local sale.
Profit: $130

Cookie Monster TMX: paid $1.99, sold for $12.99 on eBay
Profit: $10.99

Nerf Gun with Clip: paid $1.99, sold for $17.99 on eBay
Profit: $15.99

Sharper Image Dart gun: Found for free - had a gift reciept on box, recieved a $21.50 Walgreens giftcard - booyah!
Profit: $21.50

Apple Macbook Pro: Paid $190, sold for $360. Local sale. 
Profit: $170

Total: $348.48

I have about 15 items up for sale right now including a few big ticket items (like my 1986 Toyota Tercel) that will hopefully give me a boost to my $20,170 goal.

Lesson of the day: Make all your money upfront folks.
Dents baby, DENTS.