Why You Should Diversify Your Social Media Platform Usage

Why You Should Diversify Your Social Media Platform Usage


In 2007 I was a part of a band that attained mild success on MySpace. At this time, Soundcloud didn’t even exist yet and Facebook had launched to the public only several months earlier. What was around at the time, was Youtube. Youtube had just been sold to Google for over a Bill. 

The plan was to eventually move on to other platforms as we saw the need  The thing was, once we caught the 1st 10,000 fans we should have already been using MySpace as a megaphone for other platforms such as Facebook and Youtube. Instead, we didn’t - We focused solely on building our Myspace Audience up, little did we know as soon as we hit 30,000 fans, MySpace would go belly up, attention speaking. 

Right around that time, the band went through changes an ultimately ceased to produce music, but the principle remains. 

You never know what platform is going to go belly up. It’s especially difficult to hear the voice of reason when you have a high engagement or follower count for the time being. That’s why its important that you diversify your social media platforms like it’s all on fire. 

There are a few platforms that I’m worried about right now (cough, Twitter, cough) 

Not because anyone is telling me that, but because out of all the touring highschoolers that come through my office.  It’s a small percentage that seem to be real jazzed about Twitter.