How to Build Good Working Relationships with Millennials

How to Build Good Working Relationships with Millennials

Being a 25 year old millennial, I wanted to talk from my perspective on 3 ways to build a solid working relationship with me, and or tons of us that are in your organization. 


#1 Engage them with authenticity on a regular basis. 

After doing a quick poll of Millennials, without a doubt Authenticity/Humility came back as the most respected quality in leaders. I’m proud that comes out on top.  I’m proud of my generation for holding society accountable to drop the fronts and be true to who you really are NOT who everyone thinks you are.


#2 Drop the pretenses.

Every thing you think about Millennials is probably skewed in one direction or another. There are however a few things we tend to own - I will admit that we are a social generation craving connectivity. We started with AOL Instant Messaging, better known as AIM, and then Yahoo messenger, and Live Journal and Xanga, then to Myspace and then FB, Twitter, Tumblr & Instagram and so forth. I do believe we have passed on the torch to the younger generation with our thirst for connectivity. For better or worse, we don't look at screen time as a bad thing, more of a necessary means to stay connected to as much as possible.  When you meet one of us, you may already have a certain stereo type picked out in your head like "Living off of mom’s fridge and basement couch, coming out of a gaming coma with a constance of 10 friends around all the time" sound about right? Nah, there are a good many of us out there dreaming hard and working even harder to make that dream a reality. 

If you look, you’ll find us.

#3 Stop sectioning your self off.  

Reading this blog with a negative view on millennials is making you old. Just don’t. Once again, we’re not all strange creatures that live on couches in our mom’s basement.

But on a serious note, blogs are not going to help you get your mind fully wrapped around the younger generation. Getting to know one will. Bam.